Saturday, 14 January 2012

Bank Holidays? Whit's that aw aboot?

Ah wis laughin at seein that tweet go past th'day, the yin that goes, "Hey did ye hear? 4th o July is Separation Day! They celebrate it every year!" or somesuchlike... oh ah laughed...

an ah wis thinkin, aye, if Independence is that bad fer a country, how come maist countries seem tae go oot their way tae celebrate their Independence Day? an they hae great big pairties like there's nae th'morn? eh? ye wid think if they regretted it they'd play it doon an no draw attention tae thersels, an ah wis thinkin, weel, noo, then, right, where's oor national day? no, listen, ah mean, where's British Day? an there isnae really a British Day, is there? mibbe that's why they're desperately talkin up the auld Queen's Jubilee. but that'll no work, no when there's fowk gettin thrown oot o work an their messages are gettin dearer by the day an that lot, the aristocracy, start rattlin their jewelry, will it? so there's yer religious days, yer Easter an yer Christmas, an yer New Year, aye, then there's yer Bank Holidays. Noo whit's that aw aboot eh? are bankers some sort o religious order that cannae work on certain days? an whit dae aw these so-called bankers get up tae oan these days onywy, eh? ye dinnae see them aw gaun aboot the streets in their stupit hats cairryin their gamps, so where dae they aw go? Ah think, if we're settin up a new country, we should mibbe think aboot no arrangin oor holidays roond the holidays o the very same bankers who wi their pals the neo-liberal politicians are causin havoc tae puir fowks' lives aw ower the place an fer the foreseeable future an are the very same fowk who jist yesterday were prancin aboot in front o us gaun "Look! we've abolished boom'n'bust! Free sweeties fer aw!"

Ah'll Alasdair Darling them...

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