Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Yin last Hurrah!

Here's ma take oan the Olympics, it'll be quick...

Ah enjoyed watchin it, despite the smell...

But then, ah cannae mind an Olympics or Commonwealth Games that ah didnae enjoy watchin. Ah like the Ceremonies wi their fireworks an human art, ah like tae see fowk winnin efter pittin in sic hard work, an ah like tae see 'ma team' daein weel. Like maist fowk ah've been able tae switch 'ma team' every twa year atween supportin a TeamGB an a TeamScotland, mainly cos ah've had nae choice. But gied the choice, ah'd raither support TeamScotland at baith Olympic an Commonwealth Games, an soon we'll hae that choice...

Of course, despite the sudden appearance o summery weather, whit sets the London Games apairt fae the pack has been the torrential doonpour o constitutional debate that's drenched us aw, soaked the airwaves an nearly drooned the competition. Whether or no an athlete draped the flag aboot their shooders, sang God Save The Queen wi gusto or jist mumbled the words (or even worse jist kept their mooths shut) wis discussed every bit as much as the competitors times or scores. Heavy meanin engulfed the Games like floodwater, an it's a surprise ony o us survived at aw! Successes under that flag, that anthem, an that TeamGB were of course leapt upoan by certain commentators as evidence o a strong Union an an indicator that Scotland wid vote 'No' in 2014...

But here's a thing, if aw this Union-flag-wavin wis supposed tae propel us tae a 'No' vote, whit will the next twa year bring? Ah'll tell ye whit. Fae noo oan, it's TeamScotland aw the way, fae noo oan aw thae young athletes will be trainin tae represent their country an tae compete under the Saltire, an wi luck plenty o them'll be drapin the lovely blue an white cross aboot their shooders in Glesca in 2014. An aw thae commentators that celebrated 'British' achievements in London will be hard-pressed no tae gie the same enthusiasm tae celebratin Scottish, Welsh, Irish an English achievements in Glesca. If 2012 wis the highwater mark o the Union then get ready tae see that concoction o the past get swept awa in the Scottish deluge o 2014. That's why there's been that smell in the air, it's the smell o desperation comin fae the No-sayers as they squeeze oot yin last Hurrah! fer their dyin Union.


  1. Yeah Sophia... they peaked a wee bit early with their jubilee, which, for some strange reason made no mention of the jubilee of the Queen of Scots, and their games, which apart from costing somewhere between 5 and 10 times the original budget of £3.5billion, seemed to go off very well.

    Doubtless there will be a short reprise at the New Year with knighthoods, CBEs, OBEs and MBEs all over the place and an Earldom for Mr Coe (because he has everything else), but after that....nothing.

    But don't worry. Cameron will have something up his sleeve. Kate Middleton will have to be pregnant, and they must work out to the day when the baby will arrive. For that, they need inside information which probably only Alex Salmond can provide.

    True, it's a revolting thought that they would be so used, but Cameron is a revolting man, and nothing is too low for an Eton boy.

  2. Whit will be spent oan Glesga? No as much as London am sure.

    Will yon Barnett formula be used...?

  3. Oh aye tris, ye're right they'll try, they'll chuck the hale kit an caboodle at us, an ah've nae doot they'll blind-side us wi a googly yin at some point, even if it's a wee screamin googly yin wi a silver spoon in its mooth. But ah'm jist as sure that they thocht they had the perfect storm cooked up this year wi their wa-tae-wa Union Jack fest an see whaur that's got them... No gey far, that's whaur!

  4. No Mr Conan, it'll no be as much, no nearly as much, ye're right, but there again they're in danger o hoistin thersels by their ain petard, cos if it looks too cheap then the question will be asked - whit benefit the Union, eh?

    Of course if some fowk get their way there'll no even be a Barnett formula by 2014...

  5. As I understand it, there will be no money from England for the Commonwealth games.

    Scotland was obliged to help to pay for the Olympics, without any Barnet consequential, because it was seen as being of advantage to the whole of the UK. (Ask the people in Stornoway about that)

    Apparently the Commonwealth Games will only benefit Glasgow.

    That's my understanding anyway.

    Where on Earth is Mr Brownlie? Last seen heading out to sea in his wee boatie!

  6. Mr Brownlie was in Stornoway asking questions on your behalf. Most of them replied "Chan'eil Tris glic!". I've never been able to work out why they have such glittering openings and closing for Olympics. I don't mind the athletes parade and the actual events but it's the triumphal and jingoistic nonsense I can't stand.

    John, the grumpy grouch!

    Good to have you back, Sophia, I've missed you and had to resort to reading second-rate blogs!!

  7. Tris,

    Before you start, yes, I included my own blog!

  8. An afore ye baith start, jist mind ma guid china! Thanks John, compliments gratefully accepted, as aye. Ah'm wi ye oan the triumphal nonsense, it leaves me cauld an aw, but there is a place fer 'art', fer 'theatre' an 'colour' an guid music an fireworks, whitever the occasion, an speakin fer masel, Twitter made these ceremonies aw the better, cos ye could see an feel fowk's reaction as it wis happenin, no jist fowk near an like ye, but fowk far awa in distance an in life. Ah enjoy a guid 'interaction', but ye'll ken that awready...

  9. Oh really John... Fancy them saying that about me. And after I always showed such respect for the islanders.

    Tha Tris tinn ach mór!

    I'll try to watch the china, Sophia, but he doesn't half wind me up with his whinging!

  10. Tris,

    You should have tried Scottish Gaelic instead of Irish. Sophia, come away from that twitter and start blogging again!! X

  11. Hmmm... Och the Irish is just as pretty John... (erm, coughs to hide embarrassment at not knowing the difference).