Monday, 6 May 2013

Cast yer mind back...

Jist cast yer mind back fer a meenit, tae the Sixties if ye can, an mind how different life wis, fer abody. Mind coal fires, mind men at work an wummen daein messages, or spendin an entire day washin claes, mind weans gettin hammered, mind makin parritch the nicht afore, mind... weel mind yer ain life, whit wis it like fer you personally 50 year ago? How different wis it fae the life ye hae noo?

Ah'll bet, like me, it wis a different world, an no jist oan account o nae washin machines an haein tae soak yer lentils, it wis hugely different oan a political level an aw. We were at the height o the post-war British welfare state project, we were still bein reminded daily o whit we'd been through tae get that, aulder fowk had seen real sufferin baith afore an durin the war,  an how if we worked hard fer the country, through times that were hard, it wid gie us somethin that fowk really valued, it wid gie us security..

It's the mark of the enlightened society ah want tae see that offers that tae abody that bides here, basic security. An that's whit's bein whittled oot o the system since Maggie took office an steered this country taewards bein a neurotic 51st State. Every man fer hissel an deil tak the hindmaist, untrammled markets, makin money oot o money, an haein fowk in unemployment an underemployment, in poverty an ignorance, in worry an anxiety an fear, bein judged a price worth payin, so's that the same corruptin greedy interests can stack their profits withoot a care... That's no the country ah want tae bide in.

But think back again tae whit that meant fer us aw, fer a while we aw committed tae the same consensus. That pact wis broken in 79 an hasnae been fixed. We've had a generation o right-wing governments pursuin free market policies an their thirst isnae yet sated. Gied free-rein the Etonian cabal we've currently allowed tae sit in government wid turn this country upside doon wi neo-liberal outrages, think aboot it, an the best that can be said o the Westminster alternative is that Milliband probably widnae dae much but he'd slow the process, he's certainly no a socialist, an oan the sidelines there's a pale-blue Liberal rump wi twa faces an a brass neck haudin the coats...

er... ah lost ma threid there... ah wis thinkin, oh aye, ah wis jist thinkin aboot how much has changed in 50 years, it's like anither world really int'it? An whit we've got tae think aboot noo is the 2060's... we've got tae think aboot how we pit oor mark oan the future, whit sort o a country we want tae gie the 60's weans tae bide in, the yins tae come. It'll be as hugely different tae them as the 60's wis tae us, er, is tae us, er... d'ye get whit ah'm gettin at?

We cannae influence everythin, ah've nae doot there'll be mair channels oan the telly pumpin oot mair keich, fowk'll no ken a twin-tub if it came up an hit them, an aw stovies'll come in a wee sachet, but we can influence the things they write in the history books. We've  got a choice tae make atween twa futures. We can stick wi a system that's gettin dragged ever further right, where a bunch o fruitcake teapartyists can get a quarter o the vote an the Tories reaction is how far wid ye like us tae lurch? An an opposition that frankly breaks yer heart, where goeth the Labour party? ... We can stick wi that, or we can choose a different path, an we can build a new consensus, tae tak the powers that we can wi independence tae build a better nation...


  1. Hi Sopia I wrote the following a few months back but it chimes with what you're saying

    Is This Whit Ye Want

    Dae ye want tae gang back tae the days in the street
    Whaur the weans wir aye hungry and ran in bare feet
    Whaur yer Granny when auld in this land o' the brave
    Is described as a pauper as she's laid in her grave

    Is this whit ye want?

    Dae ye want when yer sick, tae hiv tae choose whit tae buy
    Is it pills for yer pain or milk fae the kye
    Oor free education will surely be lost
    And the brightest will suffer if they cann't meet the cost

    Is this whit ye want?

    Dae ye want when the nukes sail aff doon the Clyde
    Tae ken if they're fired there's nae place tae hide
    If yer on top o' the Ben or doon at the coast
    We'll a' end up the same, like a slice o' burnt toast

    Is this whit ye want?

    Or dae ye see a bright beacon as oor time is noo near
    Whaur we throw off the cringe and lose a' the fear
    Let's go oot and dae this, is the rallying cry
    Be the best ye can be no whit money can buy
    So pu' back yer shooders and rowe up yer sleeves
    Get oan tae yer feet get up aff yer knees
    We're better than that, we a' ken that's true
    This is my vision for Scotland so how about you

    1. Hiya mato, thanks fer that piece, it sure dis go along wi whit ah'm sayin. It's a shame fowk hae become sae cynical that the Yes campaign is actually criticised because it pushes a positive message. Life is better than it used tae be, we dinnae hae the same poverty, hunger an fear that we used tae live under, things might be bad fer many but this isnae the Thirties, nothin like it.

      But that change, that improvement didnae happen by accident. Fowk had tae fight fer a better life. It took an optimistic campaign efter the war tae build an NHS an a welfare system that cared fer abody, an many vested interests had tae be thwarted in the process. That's where we are again, there's vested interests fightin hard tae stop us takin oor independence, tellin us that things cannae be better than they are right noo.

      Weel ah beg tae differ. Ah want conditions tae get better fer aw Scots, an ah think the first step in that battle is actually gettin the powers we need in the hands o those thae powers will benefit. It makes basic common sense that Scots are best-placed tae ken whit Scots want, no a bunch o Etonian aristocrats...

      So we should continue tae be positive, tae pu back oor shooders an rowe up oor sleeves, there's a big job needs daein an we're gaunnae dae it!

  2. Interesting comments and beautifully told! I remember watching a programme called, I think, Tomorrow's World and yet there have been innovations that they never even thought of but in a constantly changing world one thing is constant and that is the "buggins turn" of two right-wing parties taking turns to run the country.

    I suspect in order to catch the UKIP votes both these parties will adopt more right wing policies and appeal to their majority of their voters who think that Scots are winging scroungers - a view shared, apparently by a significant number of Scots. For the life of me I cannot understand why so many Scots want to be ruled by parties who rule in order to attract the majority of voters thus ensuring that, if anyone is to suffer hardship, it will be the rebellious Scots.

    Must give up this ranting - it disturbs my karma!

  3. Aye it's no easy John, ah hae tae keep ma dinger in check an aw... it's no guid fer ye...

  4. Brilliant, Sophia.

    I agree with every word.

    It's a scary thought that we might just vote to stay with the sinking ship, for sinking it certainly is.

    In 50 years' time America will no longer be the predominant power in the world and all the creeping that prime ministers have done since the war will have been to no avail.

    Other people will have to be crept to... I hope they start teaching Mandarin at Eton.

    In the meantime light touch regulation will continue, and it won't be another 80 years before the whole lot will have to be bailed out again; tax avoidance will continue, with the Treasury being advised by the very people that also advise the rich on how to avoid tax; Farage will have the Uk out of the EU to go it alone (with, he says, the Commonwealth, which was glad to see the back of us). There will be no 'health and safety gone mad' to protect us from the type of situation that just killed 1000 people in Bangladesh. And there will be a British human rights bill which will enshrine rights for the Windsors, their Lordships, The Hon Members (I mean that politely) and the super rich, who can afford to buy their way in to that circle of degradation.

    We'll have been involved in a number of wars to make the British Prime Minister look as if he's important, and we'll still be renewing a nuclear weapon that we still won't be able to use, but will create a lot of work somewhere other than here and someone in the government will make a great deal of money out of it.

    I imagine that the poorest will have starved or frozen to death, and Mr Farage will have ordered all windmills in Scotland to be turned off in case it upsets the wiggy one.

    I hope I'll be dead, or living in Norway.

    Mr Brownlie said I should bring round a quarter bottle and 2 straws, but things are a bit tight at the moment... would a half bottle of cooking sherry serve?


  5. It's like ye've got a crystal ba tris so it is... it's uncanny... Norway sounds nice tho... ah hope ye're no deid tho... ah'd like ye tae enjoy the early years o the new country... it's gaunnae be nice... chin up, ye're no deid yet... *smiles...*