Monday, 23 March 2020

First it came for the Chinese...

First it came for the Chinese, and I did not take care of my hand hygiene at every opportunity-

   Because I was not Chinese.

Then it came for the South Koreans, and I did not distance myself socially and stop visiting bars-

   Because I was not South Korean.

Then it came for the Italians, and I did not lock everything down and shelter in place-

   Because I was not Italian.

And then it came for me-

   And there was no-one left to do anything and nothing left to do but wait...

After Pastor Martin Niemoller


  1. I hope you are safe at work Sophia. My wife is nightshift in a care home as I write.
    Take care.

  2. Thanks Conan, but ah actually retired a couple o years back, the stress wis takin its toll, an ma health wisnae gettin better, y'know... so ah've been relaxin fer a bit, sat here oan ma big lazy backside. Now it's ma man that's the worry, he's still gaun in an oot tae his work an travellin by bus, though that may change, somebody fae his work came doon wi it yesterday...
    Anyway ah hope yer good lady stays well, an you keep yersel safe, hunker doon where ye are till it aw blaws ower, see ye oan th'ither side...

  3. I retired a few years back too, so it puts us in the same boat, worrying about our loved ones while drinking tea and surfing the net (Does anyone still say that?).